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what it is and how to recognize the symptoms

Nadia Tofa, a brain tumor: what it is and how to recognize the symptoms

Nadia Tofa she died because of a tumor a brainThis is definitely a serious pathology, but as often happens in these cases, there are different types tumor which can have different results. The cancer that struck Nadia Tofa he was one of those for whom there was no safe treatment, for which science worked very, and especially aggressively.

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Nadia Tofa, the tears of the hyenas at the funeral. Giulio Golia: "That was my family"

Nadia Tofa, Alice's niece at the funeral, "She always told me to smile at life and I'll do it for her."

Cancers, according to expert Melania Ritsoli for Libero, that develop inside the skull can be histologically different, having different degrees of goodness and malignancy, size, location and growth, and each has a different natural history on a case-by-case basis. Among the benign, the most common meningioma (30.1%), while among the malignant, glioblastoma (20.3%), astrocytoma (9.8%). These are tumors that arise in the brain that are different from those secondary ones or that develop in the brain as metastases to other tumors.

As with any disease, an early diagnosis can give you a much better chance of saving your life. Nadia, unfortunately, discovered cancer when it was already established and already had time and time to multiply. The symptoms of a brain tumor may be different, starting with headaches and nausea, which are the first signs of intracranial hypertension. There may also be vision problems such as diminished vision, loss of lateral vision (people who regularly hit the edges or doors, or rub on the side of the car), and vision is split, as it can be a touchstone of sensitivity disorders. and limb mobility. Hearing deficits, memory problems, speech disorders, even in the most extreme cases of seizures, are all alarm bells that should not be underestimated. However, each of these symptoms may hide other pathologies, it is a good idea to find out if they are permanent disorders and to contact a doctor who will know how to make a specific diagnosis.

Today, brain cancer is among the top 5 most common cancers before the age of 50, but medicine is also making progress in treating cancer. Each type of brain cancer has its own prognosis, has a cure and is different from the other, has different symptoms depending on which part of the brain is affected, so it's a good idea to never underestimate the changes and contact a specialist,

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