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While the dismissed leave, tailors enter managers: disputes at Deutsche Bank

Managing Director of the Deutsche bank criticized two executives who ordered high-quality sewing at their London office on the day they announced 18,000 redundancies, especially in New York, Tokyo and London. Christian Seenie said: "The fact that someone has a tailor going to the office of such a day is a sign of great disrespect. Behavior that is totally opposed to our values".

The case

After two men with bags were spotted leaving the premises of the banking giant earlier this week, it turned out they were Fielding and Nicholsona luxurious tailor. They had entered the offices of some senior officials for homework of $ 1,800.

In addition to the implementation of 18,000 redundancies by 2022, Deutsche is placed on the sidelines of most stock trading as it cuts business investment banking, which is expanding at a sluggish pace in the years before the financial crisis. In the case of Shev and the previous Managing Director, Deutsche Bank was struggling to correct the image, which was overshadowed by a series of scandals ranging from the illegal sale of mortgage loans to the inability to prevent Russian money laundering.

The Managing Director has earned 7 million euros, including bonuses (the basic salary is 2.9 million; Stuart Lewis, responsible for the risks, has touched 150,000 euros a month in addition to operations dedicated to improving therelations with US controllersHead of Investment Banking enclosed place Richie received € 8.6 million, including a bonus of € 250,000 a month for "advisory"to the Brexit DB.

Former manager of a London investment bank told Al guardian: "Investment banking is a trap, a game and a drug: the prize is big but uncertain, making it exciting and makes you wonder more and more."In a completely anonymous form, he later admitted:"When I went to my boss's office to get my annual bonus, it was crucial that I did not show any signs of being satisfied with the amount: I went poker with my poker face. Then, in me, I thought: I can not believe they give me so much money for a year's work"But he concludes:"Euphoria does not last. You receive a huge amount, but the bonus has a monetised compromise: you have waived respect".

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