Sunday , July 25 2021

"Who do you think you are," and Fedez intervened

There is no peace for the beautiful Chiara Ferragini who continues to be one of the most discussed heroes in the world of Italian showbiz. At these times, the world's most famous fashion blogger, with more than 15 million followers, posted a photo of Instagram, where he gave his fans a meeting on Intimissimi's event in Milan. In the shot, Ferrengi is immortalized with an intimate suit that has sparked a lot of controversy over social media and is even taken to the field Roberto Cavalli, the king of Italian fashion, who turned his finger to Chiara, so much that he could also intervene Fedez,

The huge attack on Chiara Ferragini by Roberto Cavalli

In detail, we actually saw that Roberto Cavalli was arguing against Ferreni's photo, pointing out that in this shot you can see only the navel.

– Who do you think you are? You're just a cash machine, "wrote Cavalli with her official profile of Instagram [VIDEO],

And then he continued his attack again Ferragni, saying that there will be no love and spontaneity in what he does. In short, a virgin charge that the fashion master has moved against the most famous fashion blogger in the world that has not gone unnoticed and, as we have said, Fedez also intervened in the first person to take over the protection of his beloved Chiara and protect him from Cavalli's public attacks.

Fedez protects his wife, Chiara, from social attacks

The rapper's comment is definitely ironic and commented on the Roberto Cavalli store's statement, saying he sincerely hopes it's a fake profile and that these words have not been said by the king of Italian fashion.

It's too bad that the profile Instagram who posted this comment is exactly that of Roberto Cavalli, who in the past has pointed the finger of the fashion blogger.

It has to be said, however, that Cavalli is not the only comment of Vitriol published under Ferragni's photo, as many other followers criticize him, writing that now that he has become a mother, he must avoid publishing some pictures online considered too bold. [VIDEO] Despite the criticism and controversy, however, Chiara Ferragini continues on his way and still remains one of the most loved and followed by the public.

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