Monday , June 21 2021

AAA leader Urat suspects that the woman is also pursuing TBS NEWS

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AAA leader Urate suspects that a woman chases

Urata Naoya, the leader of the popular music group AAA, was found to be arrested for slamming a woman, and Uraha pursuing a running woman and kicking in a lift.

AAA leader Naoa Urat, 36, who was sent in the 21st on suspicion of assault in the morning, was suspected of having invented a woman at the age of 20 at the Tokyo and Chuo Ward stores in the morning 19 He is owned . Urate said that after asking a woman to drink, she was denied: "I am AAA, do not know?" And he asked for an attack, but denied the charges.

Later interviews with investigators showed Urate chased a woman who escaped to a nearby apartment and kicked in the elevator. The Tokyo Police Department is investigating the situation at that time as women have fled.

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