Saturday , April 17 2021

Director Kuriyama Can't Make Profit Shape Against Nippon Ham 9 Consecutive Loss – Nikkan Sports

  1. Curiyama "can't make a win-win form" against Nippon Ham 9 in a row
  2. Nichiham Kuriyama, "Sorry" 9 Consecutive Losses For The First Time In Two Years "I Can't Win" (Full Article) Yahoo! News
  3. Nippon Ham loses nine consecutive zero-loss losses to Sakai Sankei Sports 'No Form to Win'
  4. Nippon Ham Kuriyama, "Apologize" for 9 Consecutive Losses for the First Time in 2 Years, "I Can't Win" (15 August 2019) | BIGLOBE News BIGLOBE News
  5. Nici Ham Ham Kuriyama's director apologizes for 9 consecutive losses for the first time in 2 years I can't win Nifty News
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