Saturday , February 4 2023

Looking back on the Hong Kong demonstration with photos and videos Why did I get up and where did I go? -HuffPost Japan

Looking Back at the Demonstration in Hong Kong with Photos and Videos Why Happened and Where Did It Go … HuffPost Japan

Hong Kong continues to wage a fierce battle, with Hong Kong International Airport temporarily occupied by protesters during the summer holiday season. The Chinese government has accused the protesters of "terrorism" and has sent Chinese armed police units to Shenzhen's stadium next door to Hong Kong. On the other hand, the US, where the ongoing friction with China continues, reinforces restraint that "we have not forgotten the Tiananmen incident." Let's look back at Hong Kong history, which has enhanced the "dust storage" aspect with a focus on videos and photos. What is Hong Kong? Hong Kong, which became British territory after the Opium War of 1842, is developing as a commercial city. Many people have moved away from political persecution from China and, after returning to China in 1997, have made their own development while maintaining high autonomy. It is not uncommon for large-scale democratization demonstrations to commemorate the Tiananmen (1989) incident, which is difficult in mainland China. <Връщане в Хонг Конг 1997> Chinese President Jiang Zemin speaks at the Chinese flag return ceremony in Hong Kong and Union Jack (British flag) = June 30, 1997. <Връщане в Хонконг> Often anti-Chinese demonstrations … Democratic protesters taking the main road of the city = October 01, 2014 <Мемориално събитие на инцидента в Тиананмън>

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