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Pierre Guthrie "Honda F1 will fulfill a further step in 2019" 【】

Pierre Guthrie's Honda F1 F1

Pierre Guthrie believes that Honda will play a "further step" in Formula 1 engine performance for 2019.

Honda recovered from a sad situation with McLaren and has made a promising improvement with Toro Rosso, a new partner, in 2019. From 2019, Red Bull Racing, one of three strong teams, switched F1 power units from Renault to Honda.

Daniel Ricardo, who was promoted to Red Bull Racing as a replacement for Daniel Ricardo in 2019, Honda still has work to do to pursue the Mercedes and Ferrari benchmarks at the moment, but he has seen it so far. He said he had hope for progress.

"Right now we still have the difference between a Mercedes and a Ferrari engine and I think that puts Renault and Honda in a slightly more difficult situation," commented Pierre Guthrie.

"I know what Honda is doing to pursue this point and there's nothing we can do anymore."

"We know where there is a lack of performance at the moment and they also know that they are really objectively holding it and I think they will leave for next year. I know what I do as best I can."

"This is not the last race in Abu Dhabi, but I think we can get updates for next year, but they really try hard and I think we will take further steps next year."

"We can't recover the delta in a few weeks or months, I think we need to give them time."

About Honda's performance and reliability, Max Ferstappen also believes that the potential of Honda's F1 power units, as shown by Red Bull's data, "doesn't lie" before a new partnership.

Pierre Guthrie, who was asked whether Honda felt that the difference between Mercedes and Ferrari could be reduced, said, "It is very difficult to answer, because the development that I say is never consistent, right?" .

"There are times when I can't find anything for 8 months, sometimes I try something with a dynamo, and suddenly a 4-second coma can be found, it's not something that develops consistently."

"In mid-December they may find a 5-second coma to keep us in a better position, very difficult to answer."

"Now, even though they are not perfect, they are clearly captured, but I think most of the shortcomings are being shortened."

"I don't think we can fill it at the opening of next season soon, but at some point we can do it."

"I know that they make a lot of investment, I know that they are doing a lot of development, I think they will shrink further, but I don't know when they are really on par with them."

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