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[민학수의 All That Golf]The first prize of the first prize, Lee Jung-eun, was less tired … 3 on the first day of the last match – Chosun.com

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1R Championship Caps ADT only saw 3, Choi Hye-yong only led 5-under-par

Lee Jung-eun threw an iron tee in the 3rd round of the ADT Caps championship. / KLPGA Park Joon-seok

Could it be because fatigue is less relaxed. Lee Jung-eun (22), who won prizes and average prize winners, was sluggish on the first day of the ADT Caps final tournament for the Korean Women's Professional Club Tour Tour (KLPGA). The first round of the tournament was held at the Yeoju Ferum Golf Club (par 72) in Gyeonggi Province on the 9th.

Lee had three birdies without birdies. This is the 62nd with 75 more than three waves. He was eight behind at Choi Hye-yong (28, 5 below 67) who led the lead. Lee Jong-eun returned to Korea on June 6 after a series of qualifying tours on the United States LPGA tour, which was held in a 144-week two-week round in eight rounds.

Lee has been honored as a senior in the Q series, but he has played for two weeks and hasn't returned for several days. It was reported that Lee woke up at dawn today. Bae Sun-woo (24), who aims to win prizes by winning tournaments, ties three friends and two shows. 1 below par 13.

Choi Hye – yong plays a neat game pulling five birdies without seeing them. Choi Hye-yong, who was defeated in the SK Group's Seoul Economy Classic two weeks ago, said, "I rested well when I watched the Korea Baseball Series in Korea for a week." I am happy to have quit this tournament (which is only can come in 70th place from prize money).

Kim Chohee (26) and Kim Ji-hyeon (26), sponsored by Lotte, are second with 4 below par. Choi Hye-jin (19) and Oh Ji-hyun (22), who competed in the competition, ranked 34th (1 above par) and 51st (2 above par).

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