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3:49:39 PM Breaking sales last year … Also,

Alibaba, the largest online trading company in China, sold 168.2 billion yuan (around 27,344 trillion won) from last year's total sales at 3:49:39 pm (local time) at a sales discount event on July 11, a record peak. In the last 24 hours, sales have exceeded less than 16 hours.

Alibaba is expected to record more than RMB 10 billion yuan (1.60 trillion won) in two minutes and five seconds from the start of 0:00 on November 11 through various sites on Alibaba including T Mall. This is a one minute advance for the record (3 minutes 1 second) needed to exceed 10 billion yuan last year. The time to break 10 billion yuan was 12:28 in 2015 and 6:08 in 2016. It took 1 hour and 47 minutes to exceed 100 billion yuan (16 trillion won) of transactions, shortening the record last year (9 hours and 4 seconds ) for more than 7 hours.

The new record was largely due to the participation of Alibaba Southeast Asia subsidiary Rajada, food delivery child alumni, and HERMA supermarket chain, the Hong Kong South China Morning Post said. More than 19,000 brands participated in this year's event in 75 countries.

The small arms program began in 2009 based on the Black Friday program in the United States, but has exceeded Black Friday sales and has become the largest discount event in the world. It is expected that the agreement will exceed 36 trillion won this year.

The Chinese economic crisis came out of war with the United States, but it was also estimated that concerns about cooling consumer sentiment would be resolved with a record of sales that set a new record for the day. Mild military events come from "coal mines", which means that there are no lovers in China. The discount event will be held for 24 hours on November 11, when four numbers 1, which means "solo", overlap.

The most popular brands in this year's light military event are Dixon, Ali Baba, which is famous for Xiaomi, Apple and Chinese hair dryers.

In pre-order sales that preceded photojournalist days, 33 major brands exceeded 100 million yuan (16 billion won), and the Buick car brand received 7,000 orders. Thirty minutes after the shooting event began, 30 brands including Nike, Uniqlo, Adidas, Procter & Gamble (P & G), Xiaomi and Apple exceeded 100 million yuan in sales. In addition, the limited edition Mac Lipstick, prepared for military events, was completed in just one second with 3,700 copies.

Health supplements are also popular among Chinese consumers, so they are among the best foreign direct sales (direct purchases) of products where foreign brands such as & # 39; Move Free & # 39; and & # 39; GNC & # 39; sold at most. In terms of foreign directors, Japan ranks first after last year and the United States ranks second. In 2016, South Korea, which was pushed to fifth place last year by Sad conflict and the Han government, returned to third place this year.

Alibaba is actively mobilizing offline and online platforms, and utilizing the on-line and off-line neo-communicative fusion concept. Marwin, who recently stated his resignation, did not go directly to the 10th anniversary of the festival. He said, "Gwang Gunje is the day when the seller pays the best price to consumers." He said, "Gwang Gunje is a cultural exchange and festival where China is making and the world will come together." Last year, he appeared in martial arts clothing and directed the show featuring action stars and kung fu.

BEIJING: Correspondent Noh Suk Chul [email protected]

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