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& # 39; 2018 World Green Energy Forum & # 39; opened at Gyeongju Haiko – Kyungbuk Daily

Attendees from more than 30 countries … Presentation of policy visions, alternatives up to 9

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, an international energy event was held in Gyeongju to see the key words for the future of the energy industry in an instant.

The 2018 World Green Energy Forum, organized by Gyeongsangbuk-do and Gyeongju City, organized by the Organizing Committee of the World Green Energy Forum for 2018 and the Korea Energy Industry Promotion Agency, was opened at Gyeongju Haiko and Hilton Hotels on July 7.

The World Green Energy Forum, which is held every two years since 2008, is Korea's leading green energy forum attended by around 3,000 representatives of international energy organizations from 30 countries, energy experts and entrepreneurs.

In particular, the Forum has established discriminatory strategies and directions for each step to become an international Davos Forum in the energy sector.

This forum, which will be held for three days from 7 to 9 this year, presents a vision and alternatives to various energy policies with the theme "The Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Hope and Challenges of the Energy Industry".

On the first day of the opening ceremony, organizers including Lee, Chul-woo, and mayor Chun-Young Lee jointly declared a declaration of the energy forum. The former French presidents and Francois and Hollande made a keynote address and discussed the energy industry's future prospects for responding to posts. .

François and Mrs. Oland, who led the Paris Convention on Climate Change during their tenure (May 2012 – May 2017), are considered to have made significant achievements in the postwar era.

In his keynote address that day, he presented a solution to the role of renewable energy for Korea's energy conversion policy and a strategy to develop a new energy industry related to the fourth industrial revolution.

On the first day of the Forum, the seminar was held at 5 sessions including offshore wind power, solar power, fuel cells, ESS (Energy Storage Device) and Smart City & Grid.

On the second day, we will hold a company briefing session to directly promote new products and technologies from major companies preparing for the future energy revolution, training for energy innovation personnel, consulting youth work for regional employment creation, and exhibitions relating to green energy.

This forum is a meaningful event to discuss the Paris 21 Convention on Climate Change and discuss in-depth discussions about the expansion of the renewable energy industry in accordance with the government's "New Renewable Energy Plan 3020".

Especially, in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, we have a greater emphasis on understanding our global future to approach the energy industry and universal energy access to the hopes and challenges of the energy industry and drive the new energy industry.

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