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& # 39; I have confidence & # 39; Park Chung-guk "A good team atmosphere, this is Doosan Iguana" [KS3]

[매경닷컴 MK스포츠(인천) 한이정 기자] Doosan Bear & # 39; Baby Bear & # 39; pitcher Park Chik-guk (20) shows strong confidence in the Korean series.
Doosan plans to play SK Wyverns in the third round of the Korea Series at Incheon SK Happiness Dream Stadium on July 7. The initial pitcher is Yoon Chan.
Fine dust covered the sky, but before the match, the Doosan team sweated for training. Doosan, who won the match with 1 win and 1 defeat, must play 3 matches on the home team.

Park Ji-kook said he was confident in front of the Korean series. Photo = Reporter Kim Jae-hyun
↑ Park Ji-kook is sure that he is confident in front of the Korean series. Photo = Reporter Kim Jae-hyun

After the training, Park said, "Even though there are many home runs in the field of literature, I am not a style to avoid. Like Jamsil, he tries to throw away the same thing without awareness." We will try to avoid it, but we will be in a difficult situation because we are in a crisis. "
Park Chun-gook is the main driver of Doosan Peyzseng's team with Ham Deok. He made 67 appearances during the regular season, won 1 win, 5 losses, 17 hits and 3 saved an average of 3.63 ERA.
On average, I have one innings per game. However, in the first and second series of the Korean series, he drops from the mound after facing one or two bat.
So, he said, "I think I'm weak against left-handed people, so I only deal with left-handed dough." He scored a hit of 0.345 against left-handed during the regular season.
However, Park chose to become a young pitcher. "I'm sure though. I want to play a left-handed bat once," he said.
The Korean stage, the big stage, doesn't make me nervous. "I don't think it's much different from the regular season game when there are so many spectators. When the Asian game is more faltering. The Korean series also works with the same heart as during the regular season."
"It was good when I lost in the first game. I wanted to be Doosan." My brother said, "This match is against the sky and we enjoy it." [email protected][ⓒ 매일경제 &, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

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