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& # 39; I want to know & # 39; for urination and rape … Domestic violence disguised as love

Why do people ignore the message of their salvation?

On the 17th SBS "I want to know", I showed you about a parking murder case in Gangseo-gu's apartment building.

The brutal killing took place in the parking lot of an apartment building in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 22nd of last month. A sacrificed woman in her forties was brutally murdered by her daughter's father and ex-husband Kim. Kim said, "I tried to talk, but I was accidentally killed because I was angry."

But the opinions of experts are different. Experts say that "this is the purpose of a clear murder" because it made 13 deadly attacks in less than a minute.

This case is known to the world by three sisters who are daughters of the perpetrators, demanding the father's death sentence on the bill. The three girls, who said they wanted their father to be in the form of a polar bear, said, "Now it's scary, and I'm too afraid to do anything else after it's released."

Kim's ex-husband was reported to have tracked all routes by attaching a location tracker to his victim two months ago. After a long time, I had to know my apartment and I could understand all the circles from two months ago. He took his knife and offense from his house, and there was no doubt in killing his ex-wife.

The three daughters said to Kim, who said he regretted his children, "I don't feel sincere in my father's apology, and if we really apologize to them, we will not commit such a crime." In fact, Mr. Kim never mentioned sorry for his wife.

Kim's sister said, "My sister is not such a person. My attachment to my family is too big. Old friend Lee also said to Kim," This is a style to carry a friend, but my friend doesn't like it so much and I feel burdened. We don't see such actions in front of us. "

The three sisters said Kim's crime would be their crime. The three daughters testified, "If you disagree with yourself, your hands will rise, but if not, you will use violence around you." He also said he tried to avoid Kim's attack and he could not think of the report. I just want to be quiet and silent.

Five years ago, Mr. Kim called his sisters "to come to see something good". For those who are afraid of such a situation and want to take evidence, Kim threatens to kill him with a sword. This caused a problem when Lee left Jeju Island. Kim was not satisfied because there was a man at the party, and Kim had an intense attack on Mr.'s face. Lee, causing severe bleeding in his eyes. At this time, the family reported Kim to the police. However, Kim was found not to be punished but must be isolated.

The police, who were responsible for the incident, were surprised that it was "released because it was not a redemption requirement, and only temporary emergency measures were taken." After that, Lee decided to divorce. Lee later divorced, but received constant threats from Kim.

One day, Kim hired a sword and appeared in front of Lee. Worried Mr. Lee went to a nearby restaurant and asked for help. The police came and separated this mother and daughter, but Kim was arrested by police holding a knife.
PictureThat event, which resembles the parallel theory for this case, occurred in another part of Seoul a year ago. The victim's parents found the crew. The victim, Kang Sik Ki, died a year ago at the age of 23. Kang succeeded in the beauty business and was known on SNS. He married in blessings and became the object of envy of many people.

By the way, Mr. Kang was killed by her husband Jo in November last year. The crime scene is where Kang lives in divorce clothes. Her husband saw him and killed him without hesitation. At that time, the witness said, "I don't care at all. I call someone with a stab." Joe made 112 calls. He killed his wife and reported it.

Joe indiscriminately stabbed to death in Kang's bones and organs. "That would be a pattern of similar violence in the past," the expert said in a statement.

The victim gave a shocking recording file. Joe attacked Kang even in the presence of a small child and a junior who lived for three years. The victim always said he was attacked with a knife or hammer. "I hit you with your clothes peeled off, you know I have to disinfect me, I feed my urine, and I was even raped," said a friend.

At that time, the police ransacked Mr. Kang's house. However, even though Joe attacked Kang and threatened to kill him, Joe quarantined Kang only without being punished. The police said the victim, Kang, did not punish him because he did not want her husband to punish him.

Kang, who was hesitant to divorce because a daughter who could not stand up, said she did not want to punish Jo for the police. But his colleagues, who considered Kang's condition dangerous, helped Kang escape from Joe. Later, Joe had an affair with his wife on SNS, and he acted oddly enough to harass his wife.

Jo asked his son to go home with his wife. Kang, who was worried about his son, went to Jo's house, where he was subjected to rape and unwanted attacks. And Mr. Kang reportedly reported Joe on charges of rape. At this time, the police called Cho and told him that he had reported the rape. "If you want to send text, just send it in normal language, and if you don't intimidate, prove it isn't a threat," said Joe, who complained about his wife's slander and complaining. Apparently it was divided.

Professor Lee Soo-jung, a criminal psychologist, said, "The victims were followed for long periods of time and were being killed, but the perpetrators tried to make it look like an accidental incident."

Kang's husband, Joe, said, "I called 112 and embroidered it." But after he called 112, he stabbed his wife Kang a few more times.

In the case of domestic violence, the perpetrators were arrested by 0.8%. 99 out of 100 people were released. "If the victim does not want to be punished, the perpetrators will be prosecuted for illegal arrests, etc." The police said, "I think it's best to send the police back."

Domestic violence on behalf of the housekeeper. The court recommended that the wife be referred to the husband who hit. And long-standing violence between spouses and lovers runs with tragic consequences.

Professor Lee said, "When the penalty level does not make sense, the perpetrators quickly grasp gaps in the justice system.

Forensic scientist Yoo Sung-ho said, "Forensic scientists have experienced problems for some time, and violence is likely to develop, so it needs to interfere in the social system when there is first violence."

Many NGOs have voiced that domestic violence must be considered a clear case by offenders and victims, not family members, and must be enforced quickly and strictly.

(SBS funE editor Kim Hyo Jeong)

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