Saturday , July 24 2021

Forty-nine highest peaks in … Neowiz launches full PC space (IT / science)

(NYSE: NSP), a Korean subsidiary of Epic Games, is developing a service called & # 39; Port Knight & # 39 ;, which has attracted the attention of the world's largest users simultaneously, exceeding 8.3 million.

Last February, when 132,000 instant global concurrent users surpassed 3.4 million, Fortnight was only more than a year away with weekly updates to provide players with new gaming experience. Starting from the Cube event, it had surpassed the maximum number of concurrent users of 8.3 million, making it the largest number of concurrent users in game history.

Along with this, Epic Games announced that its domestic PC room service with Neowiz was opened today (8). We announce the official launch of Fortnight, which we prepared at the Epic Games G-Star 2018 Preview, which was held on the last day, and announced the opening of PC game services on November 8th.

Players who enjoy Fort Knight in the Neowiz PC room to offer a full range of benefits. First, you can do a PC space challenge package mission consisting of 8 steps in total. The PC space challenge package, which can only be done in a PC room, can be rewarded with V-Bucks, Battle Stars, XP, etc. For each mission, and for those who reach 8 missions, a skydiving trail is provided.

A total of 100 million KRW PC room prize events will be held for six weeks from August 8 to December 19, and 600 V buks, as leather, cash shopping bags Or & # 39; Summit Striker Pack & # 39 ;, which includes Summit Fighter Skins, not Ace Skins.

If you take a photo of the Fortnight logo in the PC room and upload it to SNS, you will also receive a PC space certificate collection event, which will give prizes to the GeForce GTX 1070Ti, New iPad, BenQ monitors, and PlayStation 4 Pro via sweepstakes every week.

Finally, to celebrate the opening of PC game services, an event for all Korean porter gamers was also held. Players who clear three mini games (shooting, construction, obstacles) in playground mode for 2 weeks starting November 8 will be offered a launch prize for the Pyeongchang hero set and Dangdong Chimingon glider, exclusive items for Korea. V-buks will be paid to users who have purchased items, and for existing Port Knight customers, an additional 300 V buks will be paid for the mission permission above.

Meanwhile, the room service launch service by Chris Pratt's Fortnight PC, which has gained popularity throughout the world, has also been released. Hollywood actress Chris Pratt, who has been loved in Korea by the Guardian Galaxy and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom series, will showcase his pride to Korean gamers through videos and compete in the PC space against the world. And encourage him to play night at the port. Epic Games will continue to release Chris Pratt's main footage.

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