Sunday , July 25 2021

Gene Matrix acquires European integrated standards for respiratory molecular diagnostics

[서울=뉴스핌] NeoPlex RV-Flu / RSV, a new molecular diagnostic product that simultaneously diagnoses seven major respiratory diseases, has obtained European Integrated Standard (CE) certification.

Syncytial respiratory viruses A and B (H1 and H3), including new influenza viruses (H1, H3) and type B viruses, type A and B syncytial respiratory viruses There are a total of seven.

According to the company, this product can simultaneously diagnose 7 respiratory viral viruses in a single tube by applying the C-Tag technology, an exclusive multi-molecule real-time diagnostic technology developed by Jean Matrix. The results analysis software, Neoplex Viewer (Neoplex Viewer) is provided for quick and easy results.

A company official said, "We will continue to launch new products in respiratory disease using C-Tag technology, our next-generation molecular diagnostic technology, which dramatically increases efficiency and ease of multi-analysis."

Gene Matrix Neoplex RV-FluRSV. [사진=진매트릭스]

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