Monday , June 14 2021

Independence Day text installed before Seoul City Hall today (11th)

  • • Seoul Metropolitan Government "to express its current desire to overcome current difficulties"
  • • Seoul City's Dream of Conflict Crisis as Economic Revenge in Japan

News 1

Seoul marked the 74th anniversary of Liberation Day and replaced Seoul Plaza stationery.

On 11th, Seoul City replaced the dream engraved board installed at the Seoul Library before the Liberation Day. On the blue bottom board with photos of independence activists released during the liberation stands the phrase "We will overcome and we will overcome".

Seoul's statement is said to have been made with the intention of overcoming recent protests against Japan's economic retaliation. The Seoul Metropolitan Government says: "It contains today's desire to unite all citizens in order to overcome the difficulties of the current era, as if they had achieved independence with the desire of the nation 74 years ago."

The city of Seoul said: "I planned this dream board with the desire to overcome the post-independence conflicts, especially the recent economic and diplomatic disputes between Korea and Japan with all citizens."

Seoul plans various programs to participate with its citizens on the 15th anniversary of Liberation Day. On Independence Day, other events will be held at Bosin-ga, Jongno-gu, and the Seoul's 74th Anniversary Concert will be held at the Sejong Performing Arts Center. This will be broadcast live via Live Seoul.

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