Sunday , May 9 2021

JC will launch its 24-inch Udia Real LED monitor

Display specialist JC Hyun System Udia officially launches the & # 39; LOOK 240T U-CARE & # 39 ;, a true 24 & # 39; & # 39; LED monitor, on August 16th.

The new Udia LOOK 240T U-care 75 is a "true" 24 "larger screen with FHD resolution. It not only enhances the fundamentals of the monitor, which delivers clear and blue images, but also protects the user's eyes with the combination of e-light blue technology and flicker-free technology that protects the user's vision. ,

Udia LOOK 240T E-Care 75 Vision protection maintains a 75Hz refresh rate 25% higher than the 60Hz refresh rate on regular monitors, STZ mode (black stabilization) facilitates the capture of enemies in dark game scenes and also has with visibility mode useful for FPS games. With all the features that increase your chances, it's no problem for gamers to use it for gamers as well as general users.

In addition, the tilt angle control function and various image modes are supported to provide users with a variety of convenience. There is.

UDIA Monitor guarantees quality at the official CS Innovation Service Center CS Innovation and provides convenient and fast service through the direct service centers of five major cities across the country.

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