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Jeju Island to Discuss Ways of Green Enrichment – Bae,

(Jeju = News 1) High-powered journalist Goh Jae-in discusses ways to fill Baekrokdam in an environmentally friendly way when President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-eun visit Mount Halla.

On the 10th, he met with reporters after examining the Baek Rokdam crime scene in Seoul on October 10, and said, "Baekrookdam increased to 400m when it came to rain," he said. "We are checking plans to make environmentally friendly fountains using clay and calcareous material," he said.

"Craters with water are scarce throughout the world," Wen said. "It's not entirely artificial (because it's environmentally friendly)."

"We are discussing how to launch a helicopter because it is not possible to build facilities on Mount Halla because it has artificial facilities but Mount Halla cannot be built to preserve it. He said.

The two plans mentioned by the governor were landed directly in the ophthalmic crater using the existing Sungpanak field heliport.

Sungpanaki course helicopters were installed in 1997 and were renovated around 2014. They are 10m wide and 15m high.

However, this helicopter is a problem whether it is possible to take off and land for VIP helicopters, which are mainly used by rescue helicopters and will be driven by powerful figures such as the Moon and Kim.

If a helicopter is not available, it is not impossible to take advantage of the helicopter to take off and land directly in the Baekrodam Crater.

In 2016, a helicopter landed in the crater at Baekrokdam during drilling to uncover the era of Mount Halla. Of course, this is a special situation considering drilling operations such as the movement of equipment.

Won said, "It's been 35 years since I came to the top of Mount Halla, but the process is difficult, but I'm happy." "It looks like Mount Paektu, and residents dream of removing nuclear weapons and filling them with peace and reconciliation."

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