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Korean Air … OK to jump on a single to win a savings bank

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Korean Air wins the OK Savings Bank and beats the first round.

In the men's 2018-2019 season match at the Ansan evergrowth gymnasium held on the 11th, Korean Air decided on the home savings team, OK Savings Bank 3-0 to set a score and add 3 points. Korean Air, which rallied for the sixth consecutive season, lowered the leading OK Savings Bank and made its first-ever lead for the first time this season.

Korean Air has 14 points and 12 points respectively, while Gasparini, who is a foreign player, scored 17 goals in four sub-aces. In particular, Hyeongseok showed a high attack success rate of more than 80%, and gave a new impetus to attack the team.

Gasparini from Korea Air, Kwak Seung-seok and Hyeonseok confirmed the attack triangle, while the OK Bank Savings struggled to score 16 points for Yosbani, but the Korean players did not play well and did not win any sets. I was hit.

Korean Air is steadily lowered from a set

Korean Air shows a performance that does not allow reversal, even when it starts to lead from the first set. Gasparini led the attack, and Hysok and Kwak Seung-seok eagerly attacked, leading the lead, 25-21 winning the first set lightly.

In the second set, Korean Air used various attack routes, confusing OK Bank Savings defense. Setter A sharp shot from a number of attackers often attacks opponents. KAFARNEY overcame a strong opponent in the lead, which caused 20 points in various attacks, while Hyundai KAPATAL put cold water on a last-minute chase. -21, and close to victory.

In the third set, Korean Air took the lead against the Hyundai Capital attack by blocking it, and Hyeonseok pressed against an opponent with a high level of attack success. Gasparini, a foreign player, managed to back up afterwards and bombed OK Savings Bank, winning three sets with a unilateral score of 25-18.

Korean Air flew in the second round

This season, Korean Air is a strong candidate, but the first round isn't too good. In the opening match, Hyundai Capital lost the game to OK Savings Bank, Done.

However, in recent years, foreign players, Gasparini, who recorded the triple crown in the match against the Korea Electric Power Company, have experienced an increase and have jumped to the top of the standings with OK Savings Bank. He is a strong candidate for the championship this season, because he came out of the first round recession last season.

When foreign investor Yosubani played a big role, the OK Savings Bank had strong winds in the first round, Hyundai Capital showed solid performance in the first round, and the OK Savings Bank and Hyundai Capital formed Yanggang in the first round.

Because Korean Air has emerged as a new team in the early stages of the second half, Korean Air, OK Savings Bank and Hyundai Capital are expected to play a dominant position in the top row of men's professional volleyball this season.

Korean Air, which has soared to the top of the list by beating OK Savings Bank, is on its way to Hyundai Capital and Cheonan Yukan Soon Gymnasium on the 16th.

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