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More than 10 km of highway … The dismissal is at 17:00

Jo In-eo reporter = Lunar New Year Four days after the fourth noon, the longest zone of stagnation, which is more than 10 km from the national motorway, is increasing.

According to Road Corporation, the expected time to travel between major cities at 13:00 oul oul Seoul – Busan 5 hours 10 minutes ▲ Seoul ~ Daejeon 2 hours 30 minutes ▲ Seoul ~ Daegu 4 hours 10 minutes oul Seoul ~ 3 20 minutes ▲ Seoul ~ Mokpo 4 hours 50 minutes ~ Seoul ~ Gwangju 4 hours 30 minutes ▲ Seoul ~ Ulsan 4 hours 40 minutes.

Upper Line an Busan ~ Seoul 4 hours 30 minutes is Daejeon ~ Seoul 1 hour 40 minutes gu Daegu ~ Seoul 3 hours 30 minutes ne Gangneung ~ Seoul 2 hours 40 minutes ▲ Mokpo ~ Seoul 3 hours 40 minutes ang Gwangju ~ Seoul 3 hours 50 minutes ▲ Ulsan ~ Seoul 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Highway Corporation estimates that the number of vehicles using the highway will be 401 million. This is a bit more than usual at weekends. The number of vehicles moving from the metropolitan area to the provinces is estimated at 460,000 people and the number of vehicles coming from the provinces to the metropolitan area is estimated at 360,000.

A road-building official said, "It will take five to six hours to reach the peak at noon after the local roads are completely dissolved."

The culmination of the metropolitan area in Seoul, which began at 6am, reached its peak at 11am. By noon it is expected to be fully resolved from 19:00 to 20:00.

At noon, Gyeongbu Expressway has stagnation at Cheongju Junction ~ Cheongju Junction 8.2km from Gyeongbu Highway, 5.8km from Gwanghwang Dongtan and 5.4km from Suwon Shingal and 10.4km from Daewang Pangyo Bridge.

In the direction of Busan, Dungt Junction ~ Osan Noodle 4.3km, Noodle Jamon ~ Banpo Pass 1km, Cheonan Noodle ~ Cheonan Holiday Zone 17㎞, Oksan High Pass Noodle ~ Cheongju Noodle 3.7km, Nami Junction ~ Cheongju Junction 2.6km, Banpo Nandolm ~ It is 2.1 km away.

Namhae Motorway is full of 16.9 km stretch of the Donghae-Won-Nam-Myeong-Changwon 1 Tunnel to Suncheon, 11.9 km west of the Changwon 1 and 3ha tunnel to Seohae Junction to Seoul's Seauaean Expressway to Seoul.

In addition, Yeongdong Highway is located in Sanggal Junction ~ Yangji Crossroad 18.5 ° Incheon, Gunja Junction ~ Seochang Junction 7.8km in Cheonan Nonsan Cheonan Highway ~ 8.5 km in Seonnon Highway ~ 16.5km in Jeonan Nadulmok ~ The car will be repeats 6.7 km, such as the direction of the Nantum-tramvaj Gwangju Fortress.[19659010;

Sŏngnam Noodle ~ Song 6.3 km, Seongnam Canal Station ~ Seohamam 9.6㎞ 22.9㎞ · Ilsan direction Siheung Noodle ~ 6.8km in the middle of the road, ㎞ and 26.6 km in the air suffocation is observed.

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