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Other than that, [오늘의 운세] November 08, 18 (Lunar October 1, Jungjin) "What is a horoscope horoscope today?"


[김현서 기자] & # 39; Luck today & # 39; is a hot topic.

On the 15th, Aquarius will be able to celebrate the best day where performance is expected.

Constellation ini Today's luck & # 39; is as follows.

Aquarius (01.20 ~ 02.18)

Estimated satisfying day. Success is the time to follow you. However, the scale is not too big. This is because you are basically someone with a simple character, not a large scale and colorful. Being wary of excessive greed, this is the secret of your simple happiness. It won't come directly, but I can get delicious food.

Pisces (02.19 ~ 03.20)

Today is a good day to buy and sell. If you buy or sell or buy, you will get a greater chance and you will make a profit. I don't think there is a possibility that you will get a lot of money. You have a good flow of wealth, so move with confidence. It is advantageous to seek near fortune.

Aries (03.21 ~ 04.19)

The proposal came or was promised, but I was not ready to do it, so I put off with such reasons. However, I want to deal with it. Isn't that a wonderful virtue to take over the results after doing your best? This will start working smoothly when I meet water in the desert in the afternoon. We will reduce once more the importance of doing our best without losing our courage to the end.


Taurus (04.20 ~ 05.20)

This is a day when we need a will that is not frustrated with the difficulties of the moment. If you spend this day with a strong heart, you can look forward to it. Fate respects autonomous will as much as possible. Depending on the results, sometimes they give gifts and sometimes they take responsibility. Losing courage means defeat. Among all virtues, courage is the strongest, noble, and proud of all. Take courage. It's a day you don't need to worry about.

Gemini (05.21 ~ 06.21)

If you value some opinions that oppose you and try to protect their rights, you will have more wisdom and wisdom as time goes by. Today, it is a good day to keep the opinions of some people and with people rather than sympathizing with public opinion. Your enthusiasm and passion for many people today will remain in people's memories for a long time.

Cancer (06.22 ~ 07.22)

I can be disappointed with the people I always know. Therefore, it is a day when wisdom that needs to be changed is a necessity not to be judged too much by the truth in human relations including friends and colleagues. Too much profit can cause bad things to happen. I need a space of thought that can compromise rather than fight anyone. If you win by defeating your opponent, it will not benefit you.

Leo (07.23 ~ 08.22)

This constellation is a surprising constellation of aspirations. Opportunities do not come without preparation. But you are ready. Today, someone or something will come up with a suggestion or surprise for you. All you have to do is get your hands out. If you are a business person, this is a day that must be destroyed.

Virgo (08.23 ~ 09.23)

This will happen as soon as we face unexpected difficulties and find solutions. However, I thought that would give me the opportunity to look back on myself. There is no time to be given without need in the life of destiny, whether it is joy or difficulty. Even if there are some difficulties, it is very valuable. Heaven does not bring trials that humans cannot pass. If you prepare for an exam, you might want to call it walking for health.

Libra (09.24 ~ 10.22)

Performance may be minimal compared to business. In this case, it's wise not to care too much. There was a day when I would end with an unexpected harvest, and there were days when I was disappointed with the results. You have to be more careful so you can use your business economically. Or maybe it's better to hear someone's advice a little further than the closest person.

Scorpio (10.23 to 11.22)

Today is a day of strong will and patience. One time is hard to expect, but if your desire is strong, you will be able to get through it. Tribulation has power over those who fear it, but this is a step back for those who oppose it. A clear way to develop strong determination is self-control and positive self-expression. When fighting! Cry so much. Never falls. And you are ready to throw a fishing rod. Immediately after today's hardship, hope fish will ask you for your ready fishing line.

Sagittarius (11.23 ~ 12.24)

Doing good work is not needed when special events are given. Considering the people around you now, entertaining difficulties is also good. You can take care of someone with a little extra. Don't try to find happiness from afar. There are many elements around you that still make you happy. You just don't realize it. A man who thinks that only big, happy things are fools. Think about the happiness you can feel in everyday life.

Capricorn (12,25 to 01,19)

A day is expected to require constant effort. This might be a little difficult, but I hope you will be able to do as much as you have worked hard, so please do your best in everything you do. Even now, even if you are in a difficult situation, this will be a good medicine for you in the future. The God of Destiny will not make your patience in vain. Rather than patience will be one technique for you to get a chance.

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