Monday , June 14 2021

Seoul's largest fintech laboratory in Yeouido

The capital city of Seoul announced on October 11 that the Seoul Fintech Laboratory, the country's largest fintech space, will open at the Yeudo Financial Center in October.

The city integrates the Seoul Fintech Lab (opened last April) and Yeouido's second ping cancer (opened in July this year) at Mapo Seoul Startup Hub to expand the Seoul FinTech Lab to 4 floors at Wework Yeouido Station. Do it. In addition to the space where more than 70 fintech companies can be relocated, there will be space to encourage and attract companies such as conference rooms and training centers and a shared lounge for networking between companies.

In July, the city selected 16 tenants through the first open invitation, followed by an additional 54 companies. The recruitment sector is a field of the fintech industry that combines financial and IT technologies. The goal of recruiting is growth that satisfies the conditions of attracting more than 100 million earned, annual sales of over 100 million earned and 4 or more employees within 7 years of creation. It is a domestic and foreign enterprise on the stage.

About 30% of the selected companies will be selected for foreign fintech companies planning to enter the Korean and Asian markets, creating synergies between local and foreign companies and expanding the opportunities for expanding foreign companies.

One year office space will be given to companies selected for relocation and one year extension will be granted after a year of deliberation. In addition, various personalized services such as incubation, mentoring, networking of local and foreign financial companies and abroad will be provided during the hire.

Ying Dong Cho, head of Seoul's economic policy department, said: "We expect competing fintech companies to be integrated through the Seoul Fintech Lab, Korea's largest fintech space. "We will encourage companies to reach the world."

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