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Prosecutor's Committee on the past affairs of the Ministry of Justice

Kang Gi-hoon. Photo of Hankyoreh

Kang Gi-hoon. Photo of Hankyoreh

The Committee on Prosecution of the Justice Department recommends an apology from the People's Public Prosecutor. It also recommends improving the system to eliminate the practice of prosecuting organizations without attractive conditions for review.
The Ministry of Justice announced the results of the investigation by the Attorney General's Office & # 39; from the Attorney General's Office & # 39; The committee said, "The incident occurred after the incident occurred, and unfair pressure from the regime was moved towards the prosecutor's office. As a result, I apologized to the prosecutors for their mistakes." In the case of a case where the review was determined based on illegal acts of investigative institutions, the practice of mechanically withdrawing and repeating previous work must be stopped, "and" "We recommend that you review the appeal against whether or not to appeal the decision to initiate a retrial in the past or to appeal."
On August 8, 1991, prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against Kang, who was involved in the murder of Kim Ji-hyeon, head of the social service center office at Sogang University, on May 8, 1991. This was the case where the final decision was made. In November 2007, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommended a review of truth clarification decisions, and impartiality was confirmed on May 14, 2015, after the Supreme Court overturned the appeal after an innocent suicide point was pronounced at the Seoul High Court's retrial.
The committee appoints guidelines for investigations which are called △ 초기 초기 초기 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 한 In fact, the presidential office and the prosecutor's office confirmed that instructions and pressure were there. In addition, Kim's other handwriting materials, Kim's book with parts of his memoirs, etc., were hidden for Kang's sake, while an investigation was carried out even though Jeonnam-ri's journalist was revealed. To the media to influence emotions later. He also acknowledged that there were errors by the prosecutors, including forced investigations at the Special Investigation Room on the 11th floor of the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office, announcing bloody facts that notified the media about the investigation before the indictment, and Kang's sale by repeating the previous investigation.
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