Thursday , July 29 2021

"There are several private TK corruption" … Han-yu weapons and free korean

Private kindergartens claim that corruption is part of the disorder, but their interference is a violation of personal property. Here, free Korean parties start walking with private kindergartens at the party level.

This is reporter Min Kyung Ho's report.


[김성태/자유한국당 원내대표 (어제) : 빈대 잡으려다 초가삼간 태운다고…사립유치원 전체를 비리 집단으로 매도하려 해서는 안 될 것입니다.]

Yesterday (15) was the official announcement of the Korean morning meeting.

This is a claim that violations of private property must not be carried out, but that is a claim from the general association of Korean kindergartens.

It was said that I would not forget to work hard in discussions about the whole Han Yoo who has four members of the Korean parliament.

[김순례/자유한국당 의원 (그제) : 자유한국당에서는 여러분의 아픔과 고뇌를 잊지 않겠습니다.] [정양석/자유한국당 의원 : 목소리 낼 때 목소리 내도록 하겠습니다. 여러분 힘내십시오. 사랑합니다.]

Private preschool directors complain that when they do not have adequate national funds, they invest in private property rather than the government and are responsible for 75% of early childhood education.

The South Korean party has begun to match its steps with Han-gun at the party level.

I will prepare my own bill, so I have to wait for the ruling party to discuss the integrated TK Law.

The first opposition party will form a vote to advocate for the TK presidency, while discussing the TK bill is expected to be a representative of the opposition party.

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