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This will supply 40,000 homes with & care and safety homes & # 39; as of 2022 … Expansion of visiting medical care, care

[세종=뉴스핌] By 2022, 40,000 homes for care and care will be provided, providing various health care and care services. It is hoped that the home improvement business will be carried out in large part by removing the house threshold where parents living with difficult difficulties, and medical care visits to visit the house will be full scale.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare reported the Basic Plan for Community Integration Care (Stage 1: Community Care for the Elderly), which was presented to President Moon Jae-in at the National Council meeting held on December 20 at Cheong Wa Dae.

The basic plan was laid out in 2026 to eliminate anxiety about care for the elderly and to create conditions for parents to live in healthy old age ahead of the entrance of a super old society where more than one in five people become parents.

After the elderly, the Ministry of Health and Welfare will announce a community care plan for people with disabilities and children in sequence.

Four key elements of community integrated care services [자료=보건복지부]

◆ 140,000 residential rental houses are converted into safe houses.

The government plans to secure around 40,000 homes for elderly rental housing, which will only be supplied in 2022, as a safe and secure home. Care-safe housing refers to housing spaces with welfare facilities that provide care services such as food services, home care, and life support services on the first floor of the apartment where the elderly are located.

The government has decided to expand relations with social welfare centers so that senior citizens can reshape permanent rental housing (140,000 houses) by caring for the elderly.

To support the independence of the elderly and prevent falls, we plan to carry out a large scale housing renovation project. It has a safety floor to prevent slippage in homes of around 270,000 households, including parents who struggle with daily life such as changing clothes, toilets, showers, and hospitals (facilities) (small) I plan to repair my house.

In addition, the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime are working together to integrate integrated community care services, urban regeneration and population autonomy to improve the conditions of village settlements and revitalize local communities. Each.

Starting next year, we will form & # 39; New Care for Urban Regeneration & # 39; as a type of Urban New New Deal and provide medical care, health, welfare and other care services in the room based on local participation. · Caring Complex Town & # 39 ;.

Summary of community care offers [사진=보건복지부]

Visit health and medical care to visit home

Nurses, and parents who are discharged from the elderly who are treated in long-term hospitals or elderly couples who live in low-income groups, and parents with poor health care such as households.

The aim is to increase services from 1.1 million households (1.25 million) this year to 271 million households (around 3 million) in 2022, and to 346 million households (around 3.9 million) by 2025.

The population health center, which is the basic infrastructure for intensive health care services visited, has first shifted the function of the branch health office and gradually expanded 66 health life support centers and secured them to 250 cities, districts and districts by 2022.

Doctors, nurses and other parents who are not comfortable visiting medical care at home also provide full scale. He plans to set appropriate standards and conditions in consultation with the medical system and conduct pilot projects from next year.

It also specifies and operates & # 39; regional relations space & # 39; around 2000 hospitals, including public hospitals and nursing hospitals, to establish expenditure plans to reintegrate out patients and provide support for resources and care services.

In addition, the number of branch offices that operate health prevention and management programs will be expanded to 30,000 by 2022 and to 48,000 by 2025, and advanced age adaptation education programs such as volunteering, social participation and health care will be provided in further classrooms with serious really. .

Community-type urban regeneration appearance [사진=보건복지부]

◆ Expansion of long-term care services … Formation & # 39; integrated ash center & # 39;

The company plans to raise the elderly looking for long-term care insurance from 8.0% (580,000) from all the elderly to more than 11% (around 1.2 million) in 2025 by establishing long-term care insurance for the next generation.

We plan to apply for long-term care insurance to improve the housing environment such as cellular services and moving home thresholds such as vehicle use when going to the hospital, and plan to expand the target people and additional equipment items needed for independent living at home.

In addition, it will expand the number of elderly people who use long-term care services at home to 80% of all long-term care recipients by providing various home care services and introducing the benefits of integrated households.

As of 2022, one or more of & # 39; integrated asylum centers & # 39; provided by institutions that provide services for asylum services will be installed in cities, districts and districts, and existing institutions such as comprehensive social welfare centers will be designated as comprehensive asylum centers & & # 39; This will be the basis for community-based care.

Under the basic plan, the Ministry of Health and Welfare plans to run a leading business with 12 major regional governments for two years starting in June next year with a budget of around 16 billion won (8 billion won in national costs and 8 billion won in local costs).

The Minister of Health and Welfare said, "At present, we announce a basic plan for parent-centered community care. We will announce basic plans for community care such as disabled people and children in sequence." We plan to continue further studies at in-depth review tasks such as financial forecasting and security strategies. "

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