Sunday , September 26 2021

10 Victoria models' Secret reveals the beauty secrets – Coctail

Are you one of those who are looking for inspiration for your athletic activities? Then you will definitely help inspire world-famous brands Victoria's Secret a model that reflects their practice on their social networks in preparation for lingerie events.

1. Elza Hoska

Between tight boxing and cardio training, Swedish model Elza Hoska found time to practice with Megan Roup.

2. Jasmine Tux

Victoria Secret Angels must be in top condition throughout the year, but despite the burden of training, they put forward new and new goals in sports.

3. Romee Strijd

Dutch-made models make exercise more interesting by involving the people they love in it.

March 4 Hanta

This American model deals with training with great responsibility. He draws attention to how precisely the exercise must be done.

6. Sarah Sampaio

Instead, the model based in Portugal Sara drew attention to strength and endurance training in preparation for the upcoming show.

7. Fall in Ribeiro

Brazil's extraordinary model, Laisa, chooses low-intensity exercises that greatly strengthen internal muscles, such as pilates.

8. Stella Maxwell

This one Victoria Secret Angels prefer to exercise in the fresh air.

9. Georgia Flaher

The New Zealand model is always moving. Even if he doesn't train with Joe Holder's personal trainer, he doesn't care.

10. Aleksina Graham

The British model prefers deep muscle exercises performed in the boxing ring. Needless to say, he is very serious about this practice.

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