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Asteroids, flowers, letter papers … What is the word "Latvia" in 100 years?

The name "Latvia" was born relatively new in the present-day region -19. century and a little older than the country itself.

Today we can conclude that the word "Latvia" is also enshrined – to show respect, honor or love for the country of Latvia, in its name a number of things and places have been mentioned in the last 100 years. It's not so much, with a little surprise, recognized by the head of the Latvian Institute for Latvian Promotion.

Aiva Rozenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

At first it seems extraordinary, but on the other hand, we can imagine that it seems to me clear to humans – Latvia is Latvia. And it seems that the word is very sacred to be used fully, as they say, at every angle and in every thing we make.

The first news about Latvian yellow amber was in the 18th century, which was known as a breeding breed of the people. The Latvian name, called the Latvian Dark Head, named after Latvia during the first years of independence, is a "Latvian" mailbox, named after Latvia, in the name of Latvia in the name of Latvia at the turn of the 1930s and 1940s. The widespread use of the Latvian word has been in the years of adventure, so Latvian "looting" has been made, as well as the "Latvian White" breed, which now enters an endangered lineage.

The stamp "Latvia" is something special. In the years of the Soviet Union, Riga Riga's RAF Supermarket Factory or RAF began producing minivans, and both models had Latvian names. They cannot buy it individually, but what they want to do is they want to bring this letter to their home.

A representative from "Rafin" is now seen at the Riga Motor Museum. Representing Rafu two generations, but why are these models given the word "Latvia" not really explored, it's just an idea.

Juris Vanags

Riga Motor Museum Exposition Manager

If we logically arrange the parallels, the mopeds from the Red Star factory also called "Riga", in Kharkov, produce "Ukrainian" radios, in Latvia VEF produces "Latvija" radios. The tendency of time to produce objects that are named, is popular. This was still the time when Berkeley worked in Latvia and when Khrushchev had not started his anti-nationalist policies, and later gave the title "Latvian".

Most of these vehicles are produced and used for the needs of public authorities, hospitals, firefighters, and police. But the model called the tourist variant has more windows, a sunroof on the ceiling, a more comfortable cabin.

Since 1957, the RAF, including a model with the word "Latvia", has been produced for 40 years. So in the early 90's. Meanwhile, the Latvian name is given to several flower varieties, such as the "Latvian red" breed and "Latvian" flower bulb. But in 2015, Latvia received tulip varieties which were named "Latvia" as gifts from the Netherlands. Tulips in red and white Dutch are presented to Latvia in honor of the European Union (EU) Presidential Council.

August Zilbert

Representative from the Latvian National Library

This is a symbol that the Netherlands took over the presidency in 2016, which is therefore a sign of the symbolic future of future cooperation from the Netherlands to Riga.

Tulip in the library is no longer installed. Now, instead of tulips, "sow" Rain.

The tulip tuber, at the end of the Latvian Presidency, was distributed throughout Latvia to various distant municipalities.

Speaking of mysterious spaces, Latvian names also exist – asteroids circling our Sun, called by our country.

Ilgmārs Eglītis

Baldone Observatory Head

Large in size, 30 kilometers long. He was named in 1934, although it was discovered in 1933.

Today, with number 1284, a list of small sized asteroids is found in Germany, and the name "Latvia" is presented by a German astronomer.

"In connection with the fact that Latvian astronomers are very active in the development of small planets, various comets, not only in the method of calculating asteroid orbit," said Eglītis.

However, "Latvian" asteroids are difficult to see. Although the Baldone Observatory has the largest telescope in Latvia and is able to detect up to 50 meters of asteroids, "Latvian" asteroids are too far away – about 450 million kilometers from the earth. That is our safe distance for our planet.

In the Small Planet List you can find an asteroid location and see parameters on a special website. The "Latvija" asteroid is located on the right side of the Milky Way, between the constellations of scorpions and opossums. But to see Latvia, they had to go further south, closer to Ethiopia or Egypt.

If we still have far away for the stars, then, thanks to modern technology, not only the word "Latvia", but the entire country contour can be traversed in London – the Latvian institute made a digital map a few years ago and began inviting people around the world , wherever they are, to create the contour of the Latvian map, this is go, go or go, and share on social networks.

Special applications on the phone assume that this card remains for the user. At present, such Latvian maps have been drawn in many countries in the world.

Aiva Rozenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

Become an emotional connection, wherever you are in the world, so Latvia comes with you. Almost only Antarctica and the Arctic are places where there is no map of Latvia. Therefore, it was a gift for Latvia, a sign of honor for Latvia in a hundred years, from our own people throughout the world, and at the same time a gift to the inhabitants of that city.

However, why are the words of the word currently being given less and less to Latvia. Experts from the Latvian Institute admit – this confirms that we feel quite stable as a country. He believes that Latvia has something to be proud of, and there are ideas that change the world and why they cannot be named Latvian too.

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