Thursday , July 29 2021

Carlson and Carouana continue to play for the world chess champion


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Magnus Karlsen (left) and Fabian Carouana in the chessboard.

Magnus Karlsen (left) and Fabian Carouana in the chessboard.

Photo: EPA / LETA

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and Fabian Carwan of the United States won the ninth World Chess Championship on Wednesday in London.

The two chess players played all nine matches in a draw, so the result is now 4.5-4.5.

After the meeting on Wednesday, Carlson did not hide his disappointment at the outcome of the battle, as he could win.

"Utouchos, I won the chance of the strike, but then I'll throw it in the wind. Poor performance on my part, "said the Norwegian.

Currently, nine of the 12 parties have been eliminated. Then three more games will be played, but if the winner does not understand after them, then the toy will be eliminated.

The first chess cartel Carlson was a crowned world champion two years ago for the third time in a row. Meanwhile, his rival this year, Karen, who is second, hopes to become the first US ambassador since 1972 to win the world champion's throne.

Two years ago, Carlsson defeated Sergei Karjakin from Russia.

Karlsen became an absolute world champion in 2013, when he was 22 years old at the age of 22, was awarded to the current holder, Visvanathan Anand of India. A year later the Norwegians managed to defend their title against the same enemy in a duel.

The story of Carlson is the 16th chess player.

The World Chess Champion will receive a bonus of 600,000 euros and the winner will win 400,000 euros.

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