Monday , September 27 2021

Computers on the International Space Station damaged – Overseas – News

"This error does not affect SKS performance" and the remaining equipment on the space station, reported Roskosmos.

The agency found that the computer encountered an error in the software, but indicated that the computer did not need to be replaced.

Your computer will be restarted on Thursday.

It will be needed to implement an unmanned spacecraft into the SKS scheduled for mid-November.

SKS currently has three people: German astronaut Alexander Gersts, US astronaut Serena Aunion-Chensler, and Russian astronaut Sergei Prokopiev. They are credits since June.

It is planned that American astronaut Nick Heig and Russian astronaut Aleksey Ovchinin will join them last month, but after the rocket failed. Soyuz startup mission delayed.

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