"Klasika" calls directly from VEF Culture Palace, where the concert "Riga" Orchestra "For Fatherland and Freedom" will speak tonight.

The program includes the vocabulary of Jurjana Andreja for Tēvija in the Jakova Raskina instrumentation, "Music for Remembrance Charles Zale" by Ilona Breg, brass concert band (premiere), Jura Kulakov for Fatherland and Freedom (premiere) and "Soldier", "Rapid , Rapid River "", "Apart from difficult times", "Party".

Concert participants: Marlene Keine, Ieva Parša, Miervaldis Jenčs, Emīls Klaužs, Latvian National Guard Choir "Bintang", Fortius choir room, mixed "Valmiera" choir and conductor Valdis Butan. Storyteller – Orestes Silabriedis.