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Our Opera -100! November 17 at the 19th Concert day and Latvian Radio 3 "Klasika" from the day of the Latvian National Opera will be played live, with the participation of famous singer Inga Kalna. "The White House is my first theater, and therefore the most loved," did not hide the singer.

"This is always said by Inese Galante – I know every little parrot, every corner, how can this house not be yours !?" smiling singers who are happy that young people come to our opera house and bring their correction to this day. "It will be crazy if nothing has changed. That's life.

Everything that doesn't change – dies! There are even rocks, river deltas, not to mention wind and clouds. And it's good to have a new face, a new name, a young child.

This means that the art of living further. When I entered the White House soloist myself, at that time I was younger. Now it's amazing to rejoice that I've been in that position when I sing not only to myself, but I can help the newest colleagues with recommendations, masterpieces, "said the singer, who at that time stood at this stage beside opera masterpieces like Solveiga Raja, Karlis Miesnieks, Kārlis Zariņš and countless others.

"Thank you to all the people who formed Opera at that time for what they have provided for the maintenance of this house!

Because singers are often missed with us – they think we are like chess, who can step on like that. That is not true.

How beautiful or fragrant will not be the visual side, the center is the singer who directly speaks to the viewers. Thank you for all the work done, "said Inga Kalna, who at one time went to Latvian National Opera during the reconstruction of the house – at the time of the opera at the Daile Theater, and tried in the old Television and Radio building in Pārdaugava, near the Agenskalns market.

Photo: LETA, Ieva Cicka

2017 President Raimonds Vējonis presents the Three Order Zavigznens to Inga Kalna players for achievements in culture, extraordinary creative contributions to the opera arts and promotion of the Latvian name and culture in the world at the state awards ceremony at Riga Castle.

"When I discovered that at the Gala concert I had to play Ilze Arias from" Missing Son "by Romualdas Kalson, it was very nice to be back at him again. This was very sweet for me. In 2002, we made a note – so I was happy again Carmen Radowski , Daci Volfarti, Aivaru Krancmani. It's nice to go back to the past and listen to all of them, "" Amazing singer. "

Photo: Radio Latvia

Inga Kalna and Carmen Radovska have met Radio Latvia

By the way, the first opera that Mother brought in little Inga in her childhood was Carmen. "At that time, I was four or five years old, and Carmen was sung by the Angelina Voļaka."

Sparkle Hendel

At the end of the year, the singer is connected with two extraordinary events. Recently a prestigious music publisher, Deutsche Grammophon has released a recording of the opera Handel "Xerxes" with an international solo ensemble, orchestra "Il Pomo d & Oro" Oro and Maxim Jemeyljanichev at the conductor's desk. "Excellent collaboration where an amazing creative atmosphere – a real spark, improvising people – is a pleasure! This was recorded a year ago, but a decade ago, the dish came out. We have been in the middle of October for eight tours concert.

Physically difficult – every day flying, every day – singing.

But the atmosphere – there's no concert like the others! "

Tulus Coward Mozart

Finally, on December 13 and 15 in Riga and Rezekne, Gunung Inga awaited training with the beloved Mozart and Orchestra of the State Room "Sinfonietta Rīga" under the guidance of Normunds Sne.

"When I told my teacher about this fall plan, he exclaimed – beloved daughter, why did you make a giant project for you," Inga Kalna cried warmly.

"But I like serious things and things, I think I will succeed in the Mozart program. In this concert, Mozart will be heard from beginning to end of the opera. Despite the fact that the music of one writer will be heard for one night program and the theme is the same, it has so much difference!

For me, this program is a very careful bouquet that is very close to your heart and lover. It is necessary to live long on the scene, so that it can come.

When I was a soloist at the White House, I didn't even know how to sing a program like that – I wasn't inside and I still didn't teach … "

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