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Judith Duinov and Borodavko together win the Grand Prix

Latvian judo fighters Nikita Duinov and Evgeni Borodavko left the failed Grand Prix category at the weekend in Budapest, winning a battle together.

Duinov, who won the seventh place at the World University a week ago, sat down on a 81kg tatami on Saturday. The former medalist of the World Cadet Championship in his first fight defeated Uralsk's Alain Aprahamyan, but in the quarter-finals of the subgroup Kamelidin Rassulov from Uzbekistan agreed.

Meanwhile, the experienced Borodevko took the weightless weight race to 100 pounds, lost by Simeon Catherine of the Netherlands, who is a silver medalist of last year's U21 World Championship.

Borodavko is currently ranked 22nd in the Olympic Qualifying Category in Tokyo to 100 pounds. If the selection was canceled now, he will qualify for his fourth Olympics, but it will take almost a year. This year, the Latvian fighter did not achieve high scores, so he fell to the rank as he was 14th at the beginning of the year.

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