Saturday , October 1 2022

Latvian 3 × 3 Riga ghetto basketball team triumphs in world tournaments


The Latvian 3 × 3 Riga ghetto basketball team, played by Nauris Miiesis, Karlis Lasmanis, Edgars Krumigos and Agnes Chavars, triumphed in the final of the World Tour Masters on Sunday in Prague for the second time in a competition of its kind.

In the final, the Latvian team, which was ranked second in the tournament, defeated US team Princeton by 21:12, which was placed in sixth place.

It is noteworthy that in the first group tournament the Latvians at 15:21 bowed to the Americans.

Lasmanis was also recognized as the Most Valuable Player of the Year.

Earlier in the tournament, the Knight of Bosnia and Herzegovina was beaten number 13 in the second round of the tournament by 22:12 and beat Novi Sad, Serbia's leading world team, in a fierce fight in the quarterfinals with 19:18. This is the only team that has won more than one Masters tournament this season.

In the semifinals, meanwhile, another Serbian team, Zemun, was defeated by 21:16 and finished fifth in the race.

Another Latvian Ventspils ghetto team with Armand Ginter, Robert Pazis, Martins Steinbergs and Armand Sjukanis failed to qualify for the quarterfinals of the race as he suffered two losses in Subgroup A. In the first match, 10:13 lost to Novi Sad, and lost to Novi Sad in the second 11:15 acknowledged the superiority of the Czech unit Humpolec. The Czech team is ranked eighth in the tournament.

In April, the Riga Ghetto Basketball team triumphed in the World Tour for the first time in Doha, and in June in the Chinese city of Chengdu won silver. Latvians also won silver medals in World Cup finals.

Currently, the Riga Ghetto Basket is open for World Tour tournaments in Debrecen (27-28 August) and Nanjing (12-13 October). The Challenger series will have to compete for the next stages and the next one will be held on Wednesday and Thursday in Grizinkalns, Riga.

3 × 3 basketball is included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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