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Latvian U-20 basketball players are experiencing a second loss in the European Championship / Day


Alexa Gulbe was the most successful player with 15 points in the Latvian team, who also recorded six tackles. Janet Rosentale threw nine tackles and 14 rebounds, while Louise Whispers scored eight points and nine rebounds.

The first quarter of the Latvian team failed miserably, as the accuracy of strikes and defense was disappointing, and after ten minutes the Latvians were already in the lead with a big lead (6:22). In the second quarter, which proved to be very unsuccessful, the Latvians stood out nine minutes by nine points, while the opponents were five less, thus approaching 15:26. In the last minutes of the first half, the Latvians reduced their deficit to -9 and continued the break with a score of 19:28. In the third quarter, the Latvians were still close by six points as they scored 10: 4 in the first five minutes, but after 30 minutes the table showed 38:40 in favor of Portugal.

In the last quarter of a successful start, the Portuguese gave up their lead to +5, and Raivita Koreika gave the Latvians the first lead (45:44) with two free kicks. After that, both teams played point by point, so the end time ended 46:46. At the start of the overtime, Shepte made two points and also a direct free kick, which allowed him to stay ahead for a long time until the two were hit with 50:49. Less than half a minute before the extra time, Whispers stole the opponent's back and took the ball, which was quickly converted to two points, leading 51:50. Hopes for victory quickly faded as opponents won the basket less than 20 seconds before the end of the match, but the Latvians failed to respond with an accurate shot, losing their second loss of the tournament with 51:53.

It has already been announced that in the first game Latvia lost to Serbia by 51:61 and Portugal surrendered to Spain by 34:75.

Latvians will fight Spain on Monday. Latvia will compete with one of the Group B teams (Belgium, Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania) for the eighth finals.

At the start of the European Championship, Latvia played four games, two against Germany (62:55 and 59:45) and Lithuania (56:60 and 71:51).

From the Latvian national team Alex Gulbe this is already the seventh European Youth Championship, with Nicola Ozola and Louise Shepte playing in their sixth Championship, which also helped the national adult team this summer. Ozola also played in the Latvian U-19 national team this summer, while Anita Mickelsone, Una Steinhardt and Paula Maurisha participated in the European Championships up to the age of 18. The Swan also managed to play in the U-19 World Cup, but she chose to help the U-20 team in the European Championship.

Aigars Nerips leads the U-20 team for the fifth consecutive year, achieving the best result in 2016, when it finished seventh. Last year, the Latvians won 11th place under his leadership.

This year the team won fifth place in the U-16 Championship four years ago and won the right to play in the U-17 World Cup. Two young men were 13 before.

European U-20 Championships for women's teams have been running since 2000, and it is in this age group that the Latvian teams have achieved the best success. In 2005, 2009 (and twice head coach Ainārs Čukste) and in 2010 (Mārtiņš Zībarts) he won bronze medals, but in 2002 he took fourth place and a road mark for the U-21 World Cup.

Latvia is the only country in Europe to take part in the U-19 World Cup this summer in the boys and girls competitions, as well as in the European Championships A divisions in all six groups. True, the U-20 and U-18 basketball players lost their place in the elite.

Composition of the Latvian national basketball team U-20:

Nicola Ozola, Anche Laila Zeidak, Anita Mickelson (all – TTT Riga – Junior), Una Steinhardt, Paula Maurina, Elina Agnese Sicheva (all – TTT Riga – Cadets), Louise Whispers, Janet Rosenthal (both at the University of South Florida, NCAA), Lisa Chumika (Riga Stradin University), Alex Gulbe (Indiana University, NCAA), Raivita Kornik (cute), Emily Christ Grav (Wagner College, NCAA).

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