Monday , September 26 2022

Linden City BSC Beach Soccer Players Triumph for Second consecutive championship and cup in Latvia


Liepaja's Linden City BSC team secured a victory in the Latvian beach football championship this week, with tournament organizers announcing a second year after winning both local trophies.

Liepaja outperformed his closest followers in Jurmala's Spartak by 2-1 on Thursday, and as TUC / Top Media lost points to Grifs AG / Border Guard (4: 6 sequel), they were out of reach of competitors . Theoretically, the Jurmala and Zep / Forevers teams could still be dispersed to the leaders in terms of distance points, but the Liepaja team has a positive balance in both games.

In the second game on Thursday, the Linden City BSC beat TUC / Top Media 9-0, while Zep / Forevers outpaced Ludza (3: 4). As a result, the predominance of the population in Liepaja over its closest followers has already reached nine points.

However, in the last phase of August 8, the allocation of seats from second to fourth will be decided. Slightly better starting positions are Spartak and Zep / Forevers, which outperform Grifs AG / Border Guard by two points, but the latter can handle everything. The games between the Jurmala and Ludzia teams will be especially important. Then the importance of playing Jurmala and Zep / Forever will be clarified.

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