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Liverpool goalkeeper Alison will have to leave weeks due to a injury


Alison Becker,
Allison Becker | Photo: IC Photo

England Premier League goalkeeper Alison Becker will have to leave in a few weeks due to a injury, said vice-champion Jurgen Klop.

It has already been announced that Liverpool team-mate Alison will be injured in the opening game of the Premier League at the end of Wednesday's first half and will have to miss the UEFA Super Cup match on Wednesday against Cesley London and others.

"It's not good at all. Injuring everyone will definitely prevent him from returning to the pitch. I don't want to make accurate predictions, but he certainly won't play on Wednesday. Such an injury takes time – definitely several weeks. I read about six weeks and something, but Ali has not been injured in her career so far. I want to wait a bit to see how he recovers, but he won't play in the coming weeks, "Klopp said on Monday.

The Liverpool team will also have to play four English Premier League games next month in addition to the UEFA Super Cup.

Liverpool started the 2019/2020 season with a convincing 4-1 win over City Norwich, who returned to the strongest league in England after a one-year hiatus.

The Brazilian midfielder was fouled after a goal kick and was replaced six minutes before half-time. The player left the pitch with a limp.

The UEFA Super Cup, featuring European Champions League champions and winners last season, will be held on Wednesday in Istanbul, Turkey.

Club newcomer Adrian had to play second goalkeeper, but with Alison's injury, the footballer will have to carry his new club much faster. A week ago, former Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mineole went to the Belgium club in Belgium.

Adrian is believed to be the number one goalie in the next few weeks.

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