Monday , August 2 2021

New name in music: Hardscape Association "Maldi" – Video / Audio – Music – Culture +

"I devoted the song to my grandfather, Lacplesis Order Cavalier, Karl Graudyn. Families who heard about the battle of freedom emotionally inspired their desire to thank him and all those who fought and bowed their heads for freedom in our homeland – Latvia , "commented songwriter and vocalist Edijs Jurevics.

"The purpose of each stage artist is to make the audience feel something. I want to remind you that rock music is still alive and will not disappear. This genre is not meant for everyone, nor is it intended to please anyone. I often think that music is what first of all the therapy for the musician itself and only after the listener. And it seems that if it is important to me, then it will feel one more, "commented solo group guitarist and music writer Martins Upenieks.

The band's creative composition and work is directly known by admirers of alternative music, known as "Blacksmith", which for years active work has often been heard in concert venues such as "Depo", "Rock" # Riga, "" Black Friday, "" Fontaine Palace, "and Baler.

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