Saturday , October 1 2022

New York Knicks still regret switching dagger to Dallas – Basketball – – Sports


The Knicks failed to attract a few league stars this summer, such as Kevin Durant, Cairo Irving and more. However, despite his unsuccessful free agent time, the Knicks management still believes it is right to replace Perez in the Dallas Mavericks, Berman said.

Earlier, New York management announced that the unit had changed the Latvian to open up more opportunities for two maximum contracts this summer. The Knicks still believe the only option on the team was to replace Perez.

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New York Knicks wanted to attract league star Kevin Durant to his squad, who admitted that Knicks had never been in the spotlight.

"In the case of leaving Golden State, the goal has always been the networks. They have a creative leadership of the club and I like what they do here. The basketball that the team shows is attractive."

The Knicks have failed to delight their fans with ambitious deals for several consecutive summers. The last major free agent deal took place in 2010, when Amarma Stadamir was added to the squad.

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