Saturday , October 1 2022

One of the world's smallest antelopes – Entertainment – will be available at Riga Zoo


One of the smallest antelopes in the world – the dick dies – will also be seen at the African Savannah exhibit at the Riga Zoo, the zoo's information service said.

According to officials, Kirk's dicks are one of the smallest antelopes in the world. They are up to half a meter high and weigh between three and seven kilograms. Officers said two female dwarf chicks and one dick with a male cock are currently living near the giraffe's watch area.

The office noted that the African Savannah exhibition will also feature awesome antelopes, African wood porcupines, African ground squirrels, Kirk herds, as well as three antelope impalas that can already be seen near Zebra's viewing area. Zoo spokesmen said that pairs of great antelope will be visible to visitors in October after the opening of the African Savannah exhibit.

According to information posted on the zoo's website, in August and September the zoo's African flock will be supplemented by some large antelopes and impalas, as well as three Gelada monkeys.

The new African Savannah exhibit will be over 300 meters long and open to visitors on October 11, a few days after the zoo's 107th birthday.

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