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Ivars was one of the first Latvians sent in a week and a half for disaster relief. Initially, it is said that there will be 45 days of training.

"I think I'll be home in the summer, fine. And the whole event took 155 days. For me personally. It turned out we were flooded with capital with doses of radiation," says Calada.

The man was buried in a medical gown – with former President Valdis Zatlers. Perhaps that was what helped to avoid the serious consequences, as the medical profession saw and knew a little more.

"There was a scientist who quickly got rid of him, an Army rank. He knew he had to drink 100 grams of alcohol and grape juice every day to expel these radicals, which, of course, we were denied. He is a doctor. he makes coffee with a roof, "says Ivars.

The man also has a story about one of the most intense episodes in a series in which young men exposed to a lethal dose of radiation clean the roof of a reactor from radioactive graphite.

"My jewelry commander, you might say, in the underground, Ungo Andris, he saved me. We wanted to go home at any cost because we knew it would not happen. I said" … He said: I will not let you go on the roof.

The rest also probably saved me because someone from my village came in, spent two weeks climbing that roof for a minute and a half and everything was underground for n years, "Ivar recalls.

Not much is shown in the series, this one is beautiful, but in general, the former Chernobyl appreciates it because people look, are interested and talk. All of Ivars's former comrades, who are talked about in the series, have also watched him.

"To be a cinematographer, as they say, their point of view. We have another, I'm not a movie critic, but nothing … Of course, tears came to my neck, all of this … Very unpleasant. Because I know how dead they are. People what I was with, ”Ivar says.

Despite his hard memories, Ivar still wants to go back to Chernobyl and explore the open areas. But one that is not accompanied by a tourist group.

Photo: Chernobyl tourist boom

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