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PHOTO: Jānis Aišpurs, Sound Poets Soloist Arrives at Liepaja Festival by Helicopter


Janis Aispurs at & # 34; Summer Sound & # 34; arrives with a helicopter.

Janis Aispurs arrives by helicopter at the Summer Sound Festival.

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Friday night to the festival Summer sound groups arrived in an elegant helicopter Sound poets guide Jānis Aispurs.

So you can be in almost two places at the same time, Janice Icepours at the Liepaja Beach Festival Summer sound came with a helicopter from Riga, which he grouped Sound poets the leader had a storytelling audience. After completing his presentation in Riga, he was transported by helicopter for seven minutes and then to Liepaja. The average flight time from Riga to Liepaja by helicopter is 40-50 minutes, while from Liepaja it takes about two and a half hours by car.

Throwing a circle of slides over the festival ground and landing near it, Janice Aispur in a straight line Aldara the backstage of the stage was taken by the organizing team of the festival. John himself did not hide his excitement from the festival Summer sound and added that it is a unique experience that can only happen once in a lifetime.

After arriving at the festival, Janice and his band Sound poets steps on the second largest festival stage to present thousands of listeners with your favorite and newest Sound poets songs.

festival Summer sound For the ninth time in 2019, it has undoubtedly become one of the most significant summer music events in the Baltic States. This is evidenced by the thousands of visitors who visit the beautiful Liepaja Beach every year to enjoy two days of musical enjoyment and relaxation by the sea. Each year, the festival offers more than 50 performers, as well as a diverse program of entertainment and activities.

Janis Aispurs arrives by helicopter at the Summer Sound Festival

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