Saturday , June 19 2021

«Supernova 2019» First Semi Final / Article / LSM.LV

The jury and the audience will have to choose the best of the 16 candidates that will be able to attract European audiences. This year, the songs and performances that Latvia claims to represent at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv will be judged by the Latvijas Radio 5 – jury, led by DJ Rudd, the music editor and music producer. The two semifinals will be joined by experienced musicians Linda Lien and Ralph Eland, as well as producer of the product program Radio SWH, musician Artis Desarias. The show will be directed by Dagmar Legant and Ketten Schoenberg.

In the semi-finals and finals, participants will be judged not only by the jury but also by the audience. Finals will qualify for the four players in each semi-final, which will score four best points in the jury and audience. Along with the semi-finals, eight players will qualify for the finals. Latvian TV and the jury have the right to nominate (or not) the finals one of the semi-finals that do not qualify for the finals, giving the so-called "wildcard". Depending on the LTV and the decision of the jury, eight or nine players will compete in the final.

Visitors' voting in the two semi-finals will include voting by phone (including SMS voting), voting on the website of the project website and a list of songs in Spotify. Voting with voters will begin after the last semi-final song is broadcast and only one call and one message from a single phone number will be counted as the maximum result of the lens. With Facebook, Twitter or, you can vote with one social network. The participants are ranked in the order of the first to the eighth place, with the highest number of participants and the last with the lowest number of votes.


The first semifinals on January 26 will begin:

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