Tuesday , October 26 2021

Suspected driving of a car possibly related to the accident was reported before the crash


State Police (VP) yesterday, Aug. 8, before a tragic incident in Derbe County, received information from a resident that one of the trucks involved in the accident may have been driving suspiciously, Mada Shershnova, vice president of Kurzeme Regional Office, told LETA.

Police confirmed that at around 1pm, information was received about a suspected truck driver on the Riga-Liepaja highway. The information is immediately transmitted to the nearest Vice Presidential crews. At that time, crews formed another accident in Liepaja and worked on other regional highways.

In view of the above, the crew failed to enter the particular section of the road where the suspicious driver was spotted, Shershnova said.

Police are currently evaluating the response to the information received, including an inter-institutional exchange of information, Shershnova said.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted with the state police on the occasion of the tragic incident in Vekpils parish and the circumstances of the incident are explained. Forensic expertise was also appointed to determine the cause of death and whether any of the leaders was intoxicated.

On a social network, a man claimed to have called police around 1pm as one of the trucks involved in the accident was approaching Skrunda in the direction of Liepaja. The driver barely outstripped him and also suspected the driver was intoxicated.

It has already been reported that at 13.30 the police received information about the collision of two trucks on the Riga-Liepaja highway in the Derbe district. One of the cars caught fire, so firefighters were called to the scene.

The burning area was 20 square meters. Similarly, rescuers freed people from both cars and handed them over to medical staff, as well as repairing the driveway.

The drivers of both cars were killed in the crash.

Janis Besseris, Director of Corporate Relations at Maxima Latvija, a retailer, told LETA that the accident involved supplier Akatrans Ltd, a partner of Maxima Latvija and providing logistics services to the company.

In the tragic incident, the life of the cement manager of M3 Ltd., the carrier of cement producer Schwenk Latvija (formerly Cemex), also lost his life, informs LETA Antra Savlevich, a representative of Schwenk Latvija.

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