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Take part! "Easy" Foundation invites an open air concert "Potato Vultures" – Music

Imam Zyedonis Foundation "Easy" on July 12 invites an outdoor concert "Cartu ceramics" to be held in the field of cultural potatoes in Parventa Park, Kuldiga. The event this summer is the beginning of a new concert cycle, and this year's concert will include "Big Big Band" under the guidance of musician Goran Gros (Upmanis).

In mid-July, during potato flowering, everyone will be able to experience a concert featuring "big songs" – the best Latvian song song "Potato Big Band". The composition of open concerts will change over the coming years, making every concert an unpredictable secret. "The concept of music, the songs that are big and important for the Latvians came a long time ago, with the influence of American singer Johnny Ces (Johnny Cashwho recorded, in his opinion, the most important and beautiful songs from other musicians in the album series "American". I also find that there are many songs in Latvian music that I can safely say, "I'd like to be the author of these songs!" Finally, this idea materializes and the first concert will take place this summer, during the potato bloom in Kuldiga. Goran Gora. Particularly arranged in the concert will be such well-known songs as Imman Kallinn "Dudevin", song "Perconi" "On the white leaves" performed by Edgar Lipinski "So you do not know why now" and many others who will interact with Imam Zyedonis. readings of poetry.

The potato field in Kuldiga confirms the endless literary work of Imam Zyedoni, the "Kurzeme," which will be in the focus of the Imam Zyedonis Foundation "Easy" and the Ziedonie Museum in the coming years. The Imman Ziedonis Museum, along with the Easy Foundation, presents the values ​​expressed in the Book of People, Culture and Society as a whole with the help of the new media – Radio Potato Field (PRC). Nowadays, on the internet radio works of Latvian and foreign artists, which are characterized by quality and taste, as well as the first car. Musicians and friends of the Easy Social Media Foundation launched the #esklausosKLR campaign that encourages everyone to include the PRC and enjoy the newborn radio.

The idea of ​​a potato field in Parventa Park, Kuldiga, created in collaboration with the County Council of the County and realized thanks to Amazone Group and on the day of the concert, July 12, will be an opportunity for everyone to experience, feel, learn and manifest in various evangelization related to potato cultivation. Together with the Foundation's supporters and supporters, the Foundation has a special program for day-to-day activities, free creative workshops for children and adults, educational seminars for agricultural professionals and all interested parties.

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