Tuesday , August 3 2021

The city council of Leipzig plans to replace Shushu at the extraordinary meeting

Today is planned to convene an extraordinary meeting of the city council in Leipzha to elect a new mayor, Andrei Ryabchev, councilor to the chairman of the municipal council, Uldis Sheshka (Lipaya party).

The extraordinary meeting of the Municipal Council will start with the appointment of candidates and the vote of the new chairman of the municipal council. It is foreseen that Jānis Vilnītis (LRA) will be approved for this post.

In turn, the rotation of voters is planned later, and Sesks is expected to announce the resignation of the council to become deputy chairman of the council.

More comments from Seska and Vilnis about the upcoming rotation failed. Although the change in the measure was promised immediately after the municipal elections, the parties this autumn, especially the "camp" of Ceska, talked about the reluctance, occasionally, that promising changes might not happen.

It has already been reported that in June 2017, through the formation of a coalition of domains in Leipzig, which employs six Leipzig parties and five members elected by the Latvian Association of Regions (LRAs), agreed that the LRA would initially support the Mayor of Lieutenant Sesku. In the autumn of this year, there will be a new vote and a candidate for the LRA will be elected mayor.

Before that, Villing explained that the consent of the parties forming the Coalition of the City Council in Liepaja foresees that the change of the mayor of the city is forbidden until 31 October. Previously, or in the course of the change of measures, it was planned to evaluate the work of the previous council in order to understand which areas are being managed.

He said he was ready to take over the city of Leipzig. "I have power, I have promised, I have to do it, I prepared it, taking all other responsibilities, left positions in both the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Leipzha Book, and the last thing I left in mid-September was" Leipzha Paper "chairman of the board and chairman of the subsidiary LP fabrika," Vilnītis said.

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