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The independent members signed a cooperation agreement with GKR / Day


That means he is currently guaranteed 18 votes, as he has promised to vote with NDF in three blocks To Riga! Members. meanwhile harmony has not yet signed a coalition agreement with GKR. if harmony to do so, Burov will have 35 votes, which will secure him the mayor's chair.

According to Petrov, three out of four NMSS members have signed the contract, but all signatures will be collected in the next hour.

Petrov said that with the deputies of the bloc To Riga! President Oscar Putnin met with Burov and GKR faction leader Vyacheslav Stepanenko, and the joint talks led to support for an independent parliamentary work program on childbirth and other things.

Petrov said the other candidate for mayor Wistur Sepp (LA) had not tried to meet with the union and no formal talks had been held between the two countries.

Speaking of harmony Petrov expressed readiness to support the position of Deputy Mayor harmony The choice of Sandra Bergman (S) has not changed and will not be supported by the NDF.

At the same time, as LETA found out, harmony the faction is in no hurry to sign a coalition agreement with GKR. According to Vladovas faction leader, no "coordinator" has yet signed the agreement and will only do so when he is convinced that "all partners want to work".

Meanwhile, GKR faction leader Stepanenko told reporters this morning that the two coalition agreements with harmonyand all GKR Group members have signed a cooperation agreement with NDF.

Speaking about working with independent members, Stepanenko praised the program of work offered by advisers, saying "many issues seem very attractive."

According to Burov, he is currently convinced of the support of 35 MPs for his candidacy, as the coalition agreement is aligned harmony President Nils Usakov, as well as Vladovs, the leader of the faction.

"Invoices with harmony, NDF and block To Riga! votes, ”Burov said.

Speaking about his cooperation with the Seven, he also said that the issues included in the MP's program do not contradict GKR's plans and that work will start immediately after the elections. At the same time, the politician said he was still ready for a constructive engagement with opposition parties.

Extraordinary Mayor Election Session announced on Monday, August 19th from 10am

If the NDF and Burov vote harmony, with the votes of GKR, he will have the support of 35 councilors. It takes 31 votes to become mayor.

As reported, harmony and the GKR coalition agreement provide for co-operation between the two parties in power so far, with the addition that the two factions have the right to conclude co-operation agreements with any other political party or independent council member.

Similarly, the contract includes a clause which: harmony Supports the GKR Mayor and holds one of the Vice-Presidents. "The contract provides for the creation of a third deputy mayor office from January 1, 2020," Burov told LETA.

harmony these posts were promoted by Vladov and Sandri Bergman (S).

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