Friday , July 30 2021

The Riga City Council will decide what will happen to the building where the "Maxima" store collapsed 5 years ago – in Riga

On the Environment Commission of the Riga City House of Representatives Building today, at 10:00, the problem of the multi-storey building on Jalan Priedaines 20 will be reviewed, where in November 2013 a supermarket "Maxima, lacking maintenance, was told to the council.

The commission asked the building owner at a previous meeting, the Estonian company Prana Property, to prevent damage to the decorative cover located on the face on November 16, as well as to check the technical condition of the building.

Representatives from Prana Property were also invited to attend a commission meeting.

As reported, Prana Property is currently not ready to accept an offer from the Riga City Council to buy back shares in real estate on Priedaines Road 20, Oleg Burov, Chairman of the City Property Committee of the Riga City Council, told reporters earlier.

He explained that the repurchase price offered by the city government is 60 euros per square meter. Thus, the total property price is 600,000 euros, but the municipality will pay 200,000 euros.

"This is not an Estonian company," he said, adding that "Prana Properti" also needed a parking space, so that the distribution of property in the future could only be settled in court. On November 16, at a meeting called "collapsing committee", or either we will recognize this building as a slum and apply increased real estate taxes, or other decisions will be made, "Burov said.

Meanwhile, Raul Keskila, Member of the Prana Property Board, explained that the Riga City Council offered prices as land that had not yet been built, but Prana Property did not agree because the building could be completed and the value was higher. However, the Estonian company did not mention Keskila as a satisfying company, although they promised that the company would soon find out about it.

"The company is open to every proposal and looks for possible compromises with the Riga City Council. We will continue to work and hope to reach an agreement with the city government. We are aware of the background of this sad object and realize the scale of the tragedy there, therefore, we are trying to find acceptable solutions together with the Riga City Council, "said Raul Keskila, Member of the Prana Property Board.

At present, houses on Priedaines Road 20 consist of a plot of land of 10,065 square meters and an unfinished residential house. Riga Municipality has 7,440 square meters of the supposed part of the entire property.

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