Sunday , June 20 2021

The search for the lost rugby Dāvja Pērkonas expanded beyond Olaine

The police are still looking for Davis Perconas, the Latvian rugby player who disappeared after Christmas, but there is no news of his whereabouts for law enforcement or David's family.

On the evening of December 24, the 28-year-old Toyota Corola was opened in Olayne, Dalbessa Street, and the volunteers took part in the police search. The first one is within a radius of a few kilometers from the athlete's vehicle, and residents of the nearby house remembered that attorneys knocked at their door.

"They traveled the house here, there were still at the end of the street and volunteers took part. Tested for about two weeks. They also went through the apartments, preached, questioned. The police said someone had seen him on our staircase, so the police also went here. The machine stood there, at the end of the street, but one of the neighbors had said he had seen him in the house. But nothing goes wrong, he walks long and finds nothing, Valentin Valentin says.

Maybe the athlete really came to visit a neighbor of Valentine, but the woman does not think this theory as convincing. If Davis had a friend or acquaintance here, the people around him would think more often in their neighborhood. Dave himself lived on the other side of Olayne, away from Dalbes Street.

Local people do not exclude the version that the athlete is disoriented when he arrives at Dalbes Street and may not even know where he is.

"I do not know, I'm talking about coming to town but in inadequate condition. Drinking as if they were using drugs, he continues.

Municipal police, volunteers from, national guard, family members, friends and acquaintances have been involved in the search. There were no residents of Olyne who had never heard of a man before. Local residents are reluctant to admit that the athlete might be dead.

"Well, how can it disappear without a trace, even more in a small town where everyone knows. I think nothing good with him has happened. When a person dies and you do not even know what happened to him, it's even worse.

The police are still hoping for a thread that will make the search smoother, so if you have news that can help Dāvis Pērkonas, call 670 866 78 or 110.

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