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Who and how to report a dead person


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What was the right thing to do when my neighbor, whom we were familiar with, died? As far as I know, she has no relatives in Latvia at all. Who was to report this fact and for how long? VALENTIN IN THE ZILUP REGION

The fact of death must be reported in the records no later than six business days after the death or death of the deceased. A death certificate is issued for the registration of such a fact. There is no charge for registering the fact of death.

The obligation to notify the Registry of the fact of death is:

1) the spouse;

2) other family members;

3) any other person present at the time of death or otherwise informed of the occurrence of death.

If the fact of death has not been reported by the said persons but has become known to the local authority, he or she must notify the birth authority in writing. However, it is the duty of the investigating or investigating authority to investigate the death of a person.

When notifying the fact of death, the Registry must provide one of the following documents:

• a medical certificate issued by a medical institution or medical person regarding the cause of death;

• a judgment establishing the fact of death or declaring the person dead;

• Rehabilitation authorities announce the death of a repressed person.

The death certificate does not indicate the cause of death, it is recorded only in the death register.

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