Wednesday , September 28 2022

5 ways to save time in your business using artificial intelligence


Source: Dubai – Arab Technology News

Microsoft's Azure Azure service provides some of the functions and tools for artificial intelligence for Microsoft Office to facilitate the direct use and forecasting of data, thus saving more time for more complex tasks to increase productivity.

Modern digital aids are built on artificial intelligence, and that seems clear to us in all the voice aids we rely on today. Go to our destination using maps.

Although the artificial intelligence technique has reached work desks, one is certain that artificial intelligence will not replace us soon, and now it helps us do routine tasks, allowing us to focus on more complex and difficult tasks.

Here are 5 ways to save time by using artificial intelligence in your business:

Graphic meetings:

Anyone who conducts regular interviews will be aware of this problem by sending a few suggestions for meeting with the hope that at least one of them is appropriate for the person they want to meet. Unfortunately, he rarely identifies the interview the first time, so he continues to look for another suitable date.

You can avoid this effort by using the artificial intelligence features available in Office 365, all you need is an Office account and a free FindTime add-on.

As usual, you have to start by offering some dates and anyone in the list can get an email to find out which dates are appropriate for the other participants in the meeting. Each participant will submit their preferred date and this extension will automatically send the deadline each participant.

2. Create tables from images:

In many cases, tables are not available in a digital format that is easy to use. Here you can rely on the Excel Data Insertion feature where you can take a photo of a spreadsheet printed with your phone and convert this printed information in a single-click spreadsheet,

The new Image Recognition feature automatically converts the image into a fully editable Excel spreadsheet, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and allowing you to quickly sort and analyze this information to make quick decisions.

3. Make smart suggestions from the tables:

Tables are often incomprehensible at first glance, but in Office 365 you can use the Excel Ideas feature to help you extract basic information from spreadsheets – in charts, charts, and summary charts – and display them in a separate area. This summary gives you an overview of all the insights and patterns in your data that help you analyze and understand them in seconds.

4. Quickly translate emails:

The Translator for Outlook extension lets you translate the contents of your emails at the click of a button, regardless of the language and device you are using.

This extension is compatible with Outlook 2013, any newer version, as well as with iOS, Android, and the web version.

5. Translation of presentation texts:

PowerPoint Presentation Translator translates presentation texts into your preferred language and supports more than 60 supported languages. This feature can also be used for people with hearing loss or hearing loss.

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