Monday , October 3 2022

A serious drawback in implementing Facebook for kids "Messenger Kids"


Facebook reveals a flaw in the Messenger Messenger Messenger application, which allows them to engage in "unfamiliar" conversations, according to The Virgin website technically.

While the app launched by Facebook in 2017 is based on the principle that parents allow children to talk to people who have been approved and added to "contacts," the new flaw has circumvented this protective function by allowing children to chat strangers through "group conversations". Without the consent of the parents.

Commenting on the imbalance, Facebook explained that in some cases children can communicate with people who are not approved by one parent, adding that "the defect is fixed".

"We found a technical mistake that allowed the child's boyfriend to have a group conversation with him and more than a friend of the child's friend," Facebook said in a statement, adding: "We want you to know that we have stopped the collective bargaining.

"We closed the devastating conversations and provided parents with additional resources related to Facebook Messenger security and internet protection."

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